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A bi-weekly hand-picked grass-fed locally-sourced list of the industry articles our creative technologists are currently reading. Topics include customer experience, design, marketing, business, finance, technology, media, and storytelling.



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April 9, 2018

Study: Clean Design Really Is Better


EyeQuant used machine learning to show just how impactful uncluttered design can be.

Source: FastCo. Design

Guide to User Research (UXR)


A curated collection of 250+ resources & tools dedicated to user research, that will help you incorporate it into your design practice.

Source: Guide To UXR

Prototyping, Libraries on Sketch Cloud and an official iOS UI kit in Sketch 49


Sketch 49 has arrived and, hot on the heels of our Libraries update, we’re adding yet another huge and highly anticipated feature to Sketch.

Source: Sketch via Medium

What Is the Perfect Color Worth?


Inside the mysterious art — and big business — of color forecasting.

Source: The New York Times Magazine

5 inspirational TED talks every UX designer must watch


VIDEO: TED talks are great quick getaways from everyday work life that don’t just aim to give you a good time but also inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Source: CanvasFlip via Medium

5 Lessons We Learned Working In Design’s Wild West


Smart Design’s Efrat Weidberg demystifies one of the biggest design challenges for brands today: voice UI.

Source: FastCo. Design

Fintech Trends to Watch in 2018


PDF: A look back at fintech trends in 2017 and exploring what’s ahead in 2018.

Source: CB Insights

User Journey Maps or User Flows, what to do first?


UX Design is a complex process. There are lots of deliverables that may help to create a solution that will be useful and joyful for customers.

Source: Sketch via Medium

7 Practical Tips for Cheating at Design


Improving your designs with tactics instead of talent.

Source: Medium

Let’s make the grimy architecture of the web visible again


Hidden URLs shepherd us through the internet without letting us see it. It’s time that changed.

Source: Wired

The Atlassian Team Playbook


Step-by-step instructions for tracking your team’s health, and new ways of working (“plays”) that build your Get $#!τ Done™ muscle. Use the plays on their own, or in concert with Atlassian tools.

Source: Atlassian

The case against diverging stacked bars


We don’t recommend using diverging stacked bars for showing percentages. The 100% stacked bars are often the better option, especially when it’s important to compare the share of the outermost categories.

Source: Chartable
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