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A bi-weekly hand-picked grass-fed locally-sourced list of the industry articles our creative technologists are currently reading. Topics include customer experience, design, marketing, business, finance, technology, media, and storytelling.



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May 7, 2018

Netflix Created a Clean, Custom Font That Could Save the Company Millions


Designer Noah Nathan explains Netflix Sans.

Source: AdWeek

The Meaning of Design Is up for Debate. And That’s a Good Thing


When Airbnb’s founders tell their origin story, they often go back to the moment in 2009 when Paul Graham, head of startup incubator Y Combinator, gave them four crucial words of advice.

Source: Time

Design In Tech Report 2018


Design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech. Related M&A activity, new patterns in creativity × business, and the rise of computational design.

Source: Design In Tech Report

Fireside Chat with Harit Talwar, Head of Marcus by Goldman Sachs


At Marcus, Goldman Sachs’ internal fintech “startup” that offers no-fee personal loans and online savings accounts, uncovering what customers don’t like is just as important as finding what they do.

Source: CB Insights via YouTube

Interview with Jan Chipchase


We caught up with Jan Chipchase to hear his thoughts on the evolution and impact of UX, and how his own career has developed in this time.

Source: UX London via Medium

4 UI/UX Training Activities for Design Thinking


Developing a collaborative approach to problem solving.

Source: Innovation Training

Michelle Rial’s Real Life Charts


February. Michelle Rial is a designer who is really into charts. Some of her charts include real-life objects that illustrate the subject of the chart.

Source: Design You Trust

5 things that make a great UX Designer


This week we look at key attributes that make a great UX designer.

Source: UX Planet via Medium

Silicon Valley Wants To Own Your Creativity


Apple, Dropbox, and other tech companies are all talking a big game about creative tools. Here’s why.

Source: FastCo. Design
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