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A bi-weekly hand-picked grass-fed locally-sourced list of the industry articles our creative technologists are currently reading. Topics include customer experience, design, marketing, business, finance, technology, media, and storytelling.



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July 16, 2018

Accessibility Originates With UX: A BBC iPlayer Case Study


Design with choice in mind, and always give users control over the page. In this article, Henny Swan shares key principles that will ensure that your products are inclusive and usable for disabled people.

Source: Smashing Magazine

Best Practices for Better Design


Discover the best practices, stories, and insights from the world’s top design teams and leaders. Loaded with in-depth books, podcasts, and more, Design Better is your essential guide to building remarkable products and teams.

Source: Design Better

The Myth Of The Innovation Lab


What we are learning is that the opening of the innovation lab itself often represents innovation theater – played out at the leadership level within the company.

Source: Forbes

Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch User Interface


The base features you would expect out of a game system are covered, but cruft has not yet been added to the experience. I’ve heard a lot of people say they long for more from the Switch’s UI, but I love the bare bones simplicity.

Source: Games UX via Medium

Tab Bars are the new Hamburger Menus


In this article we are going to talk about a navigation pattern that got out of hand.

Source: UX Planet via Medium

Microsoft Acquisition of GitHub Sparks Debate on the Future of Open Source


Microsoft will be acquiring GitHub, the largest online repository of open source software code. But not everyone thinks the move will be good for the open source community.

Source: Design News

Design Method Toolkit for agile, team-based projects


Set your goals, choose your methods, work your magic.

Source: Media Lab Amsterdam

The little-known behavioral scientist who transformed cities all over the world


Behavioral psychologist Ingrid Gehl influenced much of the thinking of her husband Jan Gehl. Imagine if all designers were married to behavioral scientists–or even if they just talked with each other.

Source: FastCo. Design

Prototyping an app in Framer


Piggy case study: an app that helps save money.

Source: UX Collective via Medium
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