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A bi-weekly hand-picked grass-fed locally-sourced list of the industry articles our creative technologists are currently reading. Topics include customer experience, design, marketing, business, finance, technology, media, and storytelling.



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September 24, 2018

How to Use Animations in Mobile Applications


In UX design, app animations present the area for endless creative search as well as one of the objects for hot debates.

Source: UX Planet via Medium

The key lessons I learned creating a popular Design System


A design system is a tool for empowerment, not a weapon to control design.

Source: Asana Design via Medium

How to create design principles that people actually use


Every design team knows they need design principles, but making them useful is really hard to do.

Source: UX Collective via Medium

Quantifying Qualitative Research by Leisa Reichelt


VIDEO: At #mtpcon San Francisco, Leisa Reichelt, head of research and insights at Atlassian, took on our current approach to user research and how we take an evidence-based approach to doing completely the wrong thing.

Source: Mind The Product

Behavioural archetypes instead of personas


As a strategic design studio CG takes on diverse design briefs ranging from UX & service design to helping businesses become more customer-centric.

Source: Common Good

Design agency Sigma calls out Amazon, Currys & more for sing ‘dark UX patterns’


Dark UX is being used to get customers to buy products or service they don’t wish to, or to trick users into signing up to be marketed to in sneaky ways.

Source: Digital Arts Online

How to convey financial charts for users without sight?


Over the last two years, Bloomberg’s UX team has partnered with Carnegie Mellon University and visually impaired users to prototype next generation accessibility tools.

Source: Bloomberg

The ultimate guide to proper use of animation in UX


Imitating the behavior of objects from the real world we can create a sequence that allows users to understand what to expect from the interface.

Source: UX Collective via Medium

What User Experience Design Means in the Age of Smart Cities


What does it mean to be a UX designer during a time when technology is beginning to enter our physical lives?

Source: iot for all

Helping Designers Adhere to a Design System with Sketch


Design consistency can be challenging in an enterprise environment, especially with diverse audiences and varying contexts of use. Memorizing and using all of the specs correctly can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Source: Walmart Labs via Medium

Design Better Forms


Common mistakes designers make and how to fix them.

Source: UX Collective via Medium

WeTransfer wants to rule the business of creativity


FiftyThree, one of the best app development studios in the world, has been acquired in WeTransfer’s attempt to become a global platform for creativity.

Source: FastCo. Design
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