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A bi-weekly hand-picked grass-fed locally-sourced list of the industry articles our creative technologists are currently reading. Topics include customer experience, design, marketing, business, finance, technology, media, and storytelling.



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October 8, 2018

Communicating UX issues with comics


There is a common misconception that user experience issues can always be demonstrated in neat little video clips.

Source: Skyscanner Design via Medium

Why Google is the most important design company of 2018


In an exclusive interview, CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google got design.

Source: FastCo. Design

50 Things you [Probably] Forgot to Design


Look, we all forget to design something on occasion. That’s totally cool! Well, it’s not cool…but like…it’s okay. It happens. This list will make you better. Or at least more aware.

Source: UX Power Tools via Medium

When It Comes To Personas, The Real Value Is In The Scenarios


Personas without scenarios are like characters with no plot.

Source: UIE

Apple launch: Bigger! Faster! Pricier! Innovative?


Apple has given the Oval Office a run for its money in the past few weeks – we’ve had an unprecedented number of leaks ahead of the firm’s annual product launch.

Source: BBC News

Biased by Design


Designers are hired to shake up systems, but no one really wants the system shaken—least of all by a woman.

Source: Boxes And Arrows

Uber: Rebrand 2018


A tech startup turned global mobility platform in eight short years deserves a holistic brand system that’s instantly recognizable, works around the world, and is efficient to execute.

Source: Uber Design

How Netflix Uses Analytics To Select Movies, Create Content, and Make Multimillion Dollar Decisions


They may think that the show House of Cards was chosen because Netflix “thought subscribers might like it.” But the truth is much, much deeper.

Source: Neil Patel

A brief history of numeric keypad


There’s no logical reason why telephones and calculators use different numeric keypads. So why do we still follow the same convention?

Source: UX Collective via Medium

Lean UX communication strategies for success in large organizations


This article details a way to make your lean UX design practice more collaborative and productive by employing four lean UX communication strategies.

Source: ACM Interactions

Enterprise Design Sprints


A Design Sprint provides a simple, timeboxed problem-solving framework for product teams to get answers quickly and effectively.

Source: Design Better

Apple, influence, and Ive


The greatest designer of our generation talks watches for the very first time.

Source: Hodinkee
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