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February 25, 2019

15 Things You Should Know About Product Managers


This post is meant to build empathy for product managers, and to understand their world just a bit better.

Source: Product Management via Medium

How white space killed an enterprise app (and why data density matters)


Spacious. Minimalist. Clean. Bountiful white space has become the de facto design aesthetic in consumer apps.

Source: UX Collective via Medium

Is Agile the Enemy (of Good Design)?


To have this discussion, we need to first talk about Integration.

Source: Hacker Noon via Medium

The Secret History of Women in Coding


Computer programming once had much better gender balance than it does today. What went wrong?

Source: The New York Times

Principles For Designing Better Products


As a general rule, to build something great is not about more hours and resources thrown at a problem, but less bullshit.

Source: UX Planet via Medium

Cameras that understand: portrait mode and Google Lens


For both Apple and Google, most of the advances in smartphone cameras now happen in software.

Source: Ben Evans

Improving Digital Literacy Is ‘Simple’


In the age of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, the need for digital literacy has become essential for today’s technology workers.

Source: CMS Wire

Galleries From A to Z Sued Over Websites the Blind Can’t Use


For decades, lawyers for the disabled have used the Americans With Disabilities Act to force businesses to make their spaces more physically accessible, by adding ramps, widening doorways or lowering countertops.

Source: The New York Times

Legacy banks are fighting back against the Monzo insurrection


As more and more digital ‘challenger’ banks push their way onto our smartphones, legacy banks are fighting back. But will they be able to catch up?

Source: Wired
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